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Hygiene cleaning by Dussmann

Hygiene and cleanliness with high quality standards

Our hygienic cleaning services follow a holistic approach with many benefits for optimum hygiene, especially in healthcare and food preparation settings: 360° hygiene.

We can work with you to craft cleaning and disinfection plans tailored to you that take all of the factors involved in optimum hygiene into account. On our Protect cleaning trolleys, all cleaning agents are safely stored, so we can guarantee you the highest level of safety. Thanks to our automatic, program-controlled dosing system, we can also guarantee that all our cleaning agents are used correctly.

Our further services in the area of hygienic cleaning include linen and bed preparation. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we offer you high standards of quality.


Our services

  • Cleaning of medical facilities
  • Preparing cleaning and disinfection plans
  • Hygienic maintenance cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Disposal of special categories of waste

Sustainable building cleaning

In our building cleaning activities, we focus on biodegradable and highly concentrated products and on close physical proximity to our wholesale partners. 

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Cleaning services by Dussmann

Services for clean facilities, top to bottom and inside and out

Dussmann is known for its wide range of cleaning services. If you need additional cleaning services beyond hygienic cleaning, feel free to check out what we offer: