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Cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning technology

We make sure you can always rely on your cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

This means when you work with us, you are getting more than just expertise. You’re also getting a wealth of experience, and that benefits you in a variety of ways.
For example, we offer individual solutions in the cooling and air conditioning technology segment, tailored specifically to your needs. That is true whether the job involves installing compound refrigeration systems or advising on the shift away from R404a refrigerant.

Our services: an overview 

  • Cooling technology
  • Air condition technology
  • Consulting and planning
  • Building automation
  • Modernization of refrigeration systems
  • Retrofits
  • Optimization of energy consumption of refrigeration devices
  • Service, maintenance and repair

Cooling, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems from Dussmann – quality meets expertise

We employ qualified refrigeration technician team,who since day  one, our team can help you weigh all of the aspects of investing in these items in detail. Our specialists have top-notch training in how to provide this kind of advice and in many other areas having to do with all aspects of cooling and air conditioning technology, and regular continuing education keeps them up to date.
Whatever you may want and need from your cooling and air conditioning technology, we can help, from turnkey equipment concepts for commercial uses to optimized disruption or fault management for your industrial refrigeration equipment. We know which solutions will be the perfect fit for you.

Our services in detail

Service of cooling systems

  • We monitor and plan our services for you within our mobile service management organization – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Advanced, dynamic route optimization and digital monitoring of the agreed service level ensure the utmost in on-time service and reliability.
  • Upon request, you can also get real-time information on your order fulfillment status by e-mail or text message. Our technical specialists use manufacturer-specific apps for constant access to the relevant technical data.
  • A highly qualified, well-equipped team guarantees short response times and rapid fault resolution in entire Poland.
  • Early detection of deviations from target values and trends reduces the number of installation technician calls on site, lowers operating costs, and enhances the operational reliability and ongoing availability of equipment.

  • Within the scope of individually adjusted inspection, service, and maintenance contracts, our highly skilled service staff provide regular check-ups for your equipment and facilities.
  • The first time you receive service or maintenance from us, we establish the baseline state and label the equipment according to the legal requirements.
  • In an inspection, the parts of the equipment are checked over. Service and maintenance includes activities to maintain the value of your systems and equipment.
  • Overview of your benefits: prevent costly failures and downtime, maintain value and extend the useful life of your equipment and systems, reduce operating costs thanks to optimized energy use, lower refrigerant emissions and fewer emergency repairs

  • Testing of seals is performed by our certified staff.
  • All of our specialists meet the legal requirements for certification.
  • Overview of your benefits: legal certainty, peace of mind that operator obligations are being fulfilled, lower costs thanks to early identification of leaks, monitoring of schedules and intervals

  • Signing a maintenance contract with us gives equipment operators a full-service package for their equipment and systems, minimizing their worries.
  • In addition to service and maintenance, the package also includes all necessary repairs and the costs of wearing parts and replacement parts.
  • Overview of your benefits: ability to plan for costs of service and maintenance, prevent costly failures and downtime, maintain value and extend the useful life of your equipment and systems, reduce operating costs

  • At our advanced remote service center, trained cooling and refrigeration technology specialists monitor the parameters set for your systems and equipment 24 hours a day.
  • We take care to ensure that your refrigeration and cooling equipment runs cost-effectively.
  • In the event of disruptions, we take the necessary steps, based on actions agreed with you, to resolve the issue or minimize its impact.
  • Overview of your benefits: reduce emergency response calls through remote access, optimum disruption management thanks to direct link to the service and on-call organization, safeguard real-time information, constant availability, 

Industrial engineering - cooling, refrigeration and air conditiong technology

  • Refrigeration and freezer units, refrigerators, mass-produced equipment and special configurations
  • Cold and freezer storage rooms
  • Energy-optimized individual and compound refrigeration systems for food retailers and warehouse logistics
  • Possible areas of application at a glance: supermarkets, bakeries, butcher’s shops, dining establishments, refrigerated warehouse logistics, food production, process cooling

  • Our modular refrigeration and freezer unit concept permits optimum adjustment to individual local conditions without the unit having to be permanently installed in a specific location.
  • Standardized, plug-in-ready refrigeration and cooling technology for a wide range of temperatures ensures short delivery times. Alternatively, refrigeration units can be integrated into the overall refrigeration system.
  • These units are perfect for refrigerating foods or keeping foods frozen while in storage and for all kinds of products that require refrigeration.
  • Benefits at a glance: cost savings, adjustment to individual local conditions, room for expansion, no size limits, high quality, excellent cost-effectiveness

  • Cooling technology for centralized air treatment (HVAC system): cooling 5–5000 KW, chillers, piston or screw-type compressors, freestanding cooling units (cooling towers), cold water piping, cold water pump storage systems
  • Cooling technology for decentralized air treatment (split air conditioning): cooling generated electrically or using a gas heat pump, mono split devices, cooling 1.5–18 KW, multi split devices, cooling or heating, cooling 2.5–55 KW with five to 40 indoor units, indoor units configured as ceiling, wall, duct, or freestanding devices, ceiling cassettes, or suspended ceiling units with airflow
  • Multi split systems for decentralized air handling: multi split units, cooling 14–1000 KW, chillers 5–5000 KW, up to 1000 indoor units depending on system, individual room calculation, alternatively cool and/or heat all indoor units in two-pipe system, alternatively cool and/or heat each indoor unit in three-pipe system, integrate air conditioning equipment into building control technology

  • To ensure the availability and reliability of electronic infrastructures, safeguard the quality of products affected by heat, moisture, light, and cold, and ensure the cooling of production equipment to keep everything running smoothly, we offer individual system solutions to maintain defined temperature ranges.
  • Project planning, delivery, assembly and installation of holistic climate control equipment for lab, cleanroom, testing, server, and measurement rooms, climate and temperature testing chambers, and telecommunication sites

  • From boutique shops to entire malls, a comfortable climate is a crucial component of the sales atmosphere in any retail setting. New and different challenges are constantly arising in this area.
  • We can help you when it comes to delivery, retrofitting, and installing new air conditioning and heat pump equipment at your stores. The result is a pleasant atmosphere for your customers and employees.


Plant engineering - refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Poland-wide on-site consulting by our experts on deep-freeze cabinets, refrigerators, standard units and special designs, cold storage and deep-freeze rooms, and much more.
  • Take advantage of our expertise in individual air conditioning solutions, whether single-split systems, complex VRF systems, chilled water air conditioning or air conditioning with alternative refrigerants
  • Advice on legal framework conditions and operator obligations
  • Benefit from our experience and expertise for over 30 years in numerous industries, e.g. food retail, pharmaceuticals, industrial refrigeration, healthcare, logistics, service stations and many more.

  • Our many years of experience enable us to present you with numerous energy-optimized individual and compound refrigeration systems for your company and to develop the best concept together with you.
  • We are happy to advise you on site in order to be able to respond to your individual circumstances and requirements.
  • We have expertise in the use of classic and alternative refrigerants such as CO2, or chilled water.

  • Your requirements are unique, so are our custom-fit solutions
  • Development of modular system concepts, not only to precisely control temperatures and rooms, but also to pay attention to energy efficiency and your operating costs.
  • Individual, custom-fit solutions - from efficient, cost-effective applications to complete, cross-system building technology integration
  • Our vendor independence allows us maximum flexibility in designing your individual cooling and air-conditioning solution


  • We project and build your individual solution - from efficient, cost-effective application to complete, cross-system building technology integration.
  • Flexible adaptation to local room conditions without size restrictions.
  • Room for expansion at any time

  • Poland-wide installation teams ensure on-site installation and commissioning
  • Scheduling based on your requirements
  • Support in fulfilling your operator obligations, such as inspections by our own engineers as well as qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of refrigeration technology 

Engineering and consulting services

Ecofriendly alternatives? Yes, we use them!

  • Natural refrigerants are inexpensive, available in almost unlimited quantities and thus represent an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic mixtures.
  • We have many years of experience working with natural refrigerants and rely on: Carbon Dioxide (R-744), Isobutane (R-600a) and Propane (R-290).
  • We are also one of the first to use low-GWP refrigerants of refrigerant class A1 

Here’s how we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The EU is striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95 % compared to 1990 levels between now and 2050. The F-Gas Regulation is aimed at reducing emissions of these gases. We are among those making the switch to climate-friendly substitute refrigerants.

  • Since 01.01.2020, the use of all unused refrigerants (virgin) with a GWP value* > 2,500 has been banned for placing new systems on the market and also for service and maintenance purposes.
  • Previously commonly used refrigerants, such as R404A (GWP 3922) and R507 (GWP 3985), also fall under the ban deadlines of the F-Gases Regulation (EU) 517/2014.
  • Operators of R404A systems should inform themselves in good time about converting their systems to a low-GWP refrigerant. We will inform you about alternatives and suitable concepts.

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