Real Estate Magazine Congress

IoT and IT tools

published 10/11/2023

IoT oraz narzędzia IT

Hi! We hope that those coming to the Real Estate Magazine Congress have a good time this evening 😀 and the rest of you are also looking forward to tomorrow's event.

We cordially invite you to the Real Estate Magazine Congress conference for two reasons. Firstly, it is a very good conference, secondly, we will also give a lecture there. Krzysztof Zieliński and Artur Kamiński will talk about how to "manage the service and optimize costs using IoT and IT tools." We want to tell you about our latest solutions, which will undoubtedly change the face of cleaning services in commercial properties. We base them on, among others: based on the Internet of Things concept, i.e. the use of advanced sensors that collect and process data on the condition of selected rooms in the building under our care. This data is transferred to a computer that analyzes it and, as a result, our website appears where it is needed and in a sufficiently short time. We don't need to add how much this solution raises the quality of services and... the bar in the industry. Especially since this improvement is related to cost optimization and real savings. But we won't reveal all the details - the rest will be revealed at the REM Congress conference.

Additionally, we will be happy to tell you more at our wall 😀, where Renata Skowrońska, Sylwia Podszadel and, of course, our speakers will be waiting for you!

We invite you!