World Food Day

Our Head of Food Service makes you aware

published 10/10/2022

On October 16, we celebrate World Food Day.

On October 16, we celebrate World Food Day. It was established in 1979 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in order to raise public awareness of global food problems and to strengthen the sense of solidarity in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Did you know that according to Eurostat data, over 50% of food is wasted by the final consumer, and 12% by gastronomy? At the top of the list of products that we throw away is bread, then fruit and vegetables, then cold cuts.

At Dussmann Poland, we make sure to produce as much as our consumers need. We buy fresh, healthy products of good quality, often from local suppliers, as well as bake our own bread and produce cold meats. We constantly educate our consumers and partners about the importance of respecting the product.

Don't waste food! Buy as much as you need, not "in stock" or when "there was a promotion". It's best to go to a store with a card and buy only what you wrote down there, ask about the size / weight of meals in a restaurant, and take the rest "to go" - the rest on the plate will be thrown away.

It is also worth knowing that there are two approaches to marking the expiration date of a given product: best before date: "use by" or the date of minimum durability: "best before".
Consume until food safety concerns. It speaks of shelf life before the indicated date, after which food ceases to be safe for the consumer and may harm health. Meat, sausages and yoghurts are marked with such a label.
Best before refers to the quality of the food. As long as you follow the storage instructions on the label, the food will be edible even after the best-before date, but may not have the same taste and texture. So you don't necessarily have to throw it away after that date. Such a label is usually used for dry products: flour, sugar, pasta, butter and oils.