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Intelligent solutions in energy management

published 02/27/2024

Intelligent solutions in energy management

During the winter months, our heating bills can skyrocket. Have you wondered how to tackle this problem in technical spaces?

Even when it's frosty outside, the air conditioning units are not idle. Why? Equipment rooms require constantly controlled temperatures for the equipment to function properly.

However, this does not mean that this process cannot be optimized. At Dussmann, we know how important efficiency is - that's why we implement intelligent energy management solutions. 

Example? Appropriate regulation of circulation pumps. It sounds trivial, but believe me, it can bring savings of up to several dozen percent. Our efficiency audits regularly confirm this, helping to actually reduce operating costs.

"We care for more" is not just a slogan for us. These are real actions to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs and care for the environment. We can also be eco-economical in winter😊

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