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published 09/05/2023

Canteen design from Dussmann

Canteen, employee canteen - the names vary, but in most companies it is a place where we can eat lunch and relax during a so-called long break. What image comes to your mind when you think about it? Usually it is a large room with plastic chairs, muted colors, lack of decorative elements... One would like to say "boring and long", if it were not for the belief that such a canteen makes you want to leave while chewing the last bite. The whole thing is usually maintained in a strict, even military discipline.

Meanwhile, we pay more and more attention to food. More sophisticated meals appear in canteens, and you can often choose from them. The staff serves dishes in a truly appetizing way, because we all watch Instagram and know that food can be not only tasty, but also beautiful.

Shouldn't we also breathe more beauty into employee canteens? When we go to a restaurant, we pay attention to its decor, because we know that in beautiful surroundings it is better to spend time, rest, relax and gain strength for subsequent tasks. That's right - a well-designed canteen will be a place where we can actually regenerate our strength and, most importantly, our psyche, which has such a significant impact on the quality of our work. Large corporations know and understand this truth, but a truly similar standard is within the reach of every company that thinks about the well-being of its employees.

It is so important to maintain a balance between work and private life - the so-called work-life balance. The employee canteen seems to be the most appropriate place to take care of this. Colorful tables and chairs, division of the room into different zones, original but functional interior design... Let the place where you eat meals also be a zone for relaxation and socializing.

Our new projects and contracts include not only high-quality catering services, but also a change in the arrangement of the dining space. Our ambition is to blur the boundaries between a canteen and a good restaurant. We offer each of our partners individually tailored solutions, based on their work style, habits and the industry in which they operate.

We lead the project from idea to implementation, cooperating with the best professionals from the design and construction industries.
Would you like to see what we can offer you? How can you change the face of a boring canteen?

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