Objects magazine conference

Dussmann speakers

published 11/07/2023

Dussmann speakers

Soon we will once again have the opportunity to talk about service management and cost optimization using IoT and IT tools. This time we will appear on November 16-17 at the Objects magazine conference, where Krzysztof Zieliński and Artur Kamiński will present the entire system implementation process and the benefits it brings in practice, using the example of one of the completed projects.

What is IoT? This is literally the "internet of things", i.e. the use of the Internet to exchange information between physical objects equipped with sensors. In the case of cleaning services, IoT is based on a system of sensors located throughout the building, which transmit information about the cleanliness of the rooms to a central computer. Thanks to this, our service always appears exactly where it is needed and when it is necessary. In this way, we increase the effectiveness of our services while reducing the costs of maintaining cleaning staff on standby.

The entire system is supported by online audits and a system of QR codes used to report the need for service intervention. This is a truly innovative solution that changes the way we think about maintaining cleanliness in office and industrial buildings.

Once again, we cordially invite you to the conference, and all those interested in the solution who cannot be there, please contact our consultants - Anna Sabala, Renata Skowrońska, Emilia Zajkowska and Sylwia Podszadel. See you!