Internet of Things

IoT at Dussmann

published 01/19/2024

IoT at Dussmann


We are constantly developing our cleaning service using IoT solutions. 

We explain to everyone who comes across this abbreviation for the first time that it comes from the English "Internet of Things". 

This involves exchanging information between the network and sensors placed in physical objects.
In the case of cleaning, we are able to, for example, monitor the intensity of use of individual rooms or parts of the building and send our service to places where it is really needed.
Everything is managed by our central software, although we support it with additional elements such as online audits or QR codes used to report the need for intervention by our staff.
Thanks to this innovation, we can reduce service costs because our service appears only where it is needed. We also increase efficiency by reaching critical places in much less time than with traditional service.
No wonder that interest in our IoT services is constantly growing and we are constantly carrying out new implementations. 

We strongly encourage you to contact us - we will be happy to tell you about this solution, which can be a real revolution in your company. See for yourself that we can give you more!