Energy audits at Dussmann Polska

Optimization and innovation

published 02/13/2024

Optimization and innovation


Have you heard about energy audits at Dussmann Polska? In our company, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that optimize the costs incurred by our clients. A good example are energy efficiency audits, which we carry out to identify potential areas for optimization and improvement.

What we offer:

• Detailed technical assessment of energy-consuming devices and installations.
• Analysis of energy consumption in the areas of electricity, gas, heat, cooling, municipal heating networks and technological processes.
• Verification of the power of the ordered electricity, gas and heat with recommendations regarding possible optimizations.
• Proposals for projects to improve energy efficiency, along with an assessment of economic viability and projected savings.
• Presentation of the impact of implemented savings on the natural environment.
• Additional measurements of electricity, thermal imaging, temperatures and air flows, identifying areas of potential savings.

Thanks to the audit you can achieve:

• Significant financial savings.
• Minimizing the impact on the environment.
• Improving operational efficiency.

Our audit team: Konrad Mojsa - Technical Support Manager, Tomasz Pawlik - BMS Engineer, Dariusz Jajszczak - Service Manager at Dussmann 

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