Dussmann and Net Service S.A. they work together

Joining forces!

published 02/02/2024

Joining forces!

Hi! Did you know that Dussmann and Net Service S.A. do they work together?

We present another area of ​​our competences: thanks to the combined forces of Dussmann and Net Service S.A. we provide comprehensive services for construction investments, from design to the construction of new buildings. Our experience also includes general renovations and electrical, lighting and telecommunications installations, as well as advanced automation and control systems. We use the latest technologies, the potential of which has proven to be particularly important in projects for the military sector, prison services and critical infrastructure. 

We are proud of our numerous security certificates and licenses for access to classified information, which allow us to effectively support investments in sectors requiring the highest level of trust and professionalism. Thanks to this, we can serve clients who place very high demands on us, such as public institutions, and also offer comprehensive post-warranty service throughout the country.

We are also happy that we can benefit from the extensive knowledge and vast experience of Michal Gorecki, who intensively supports our development with his ideas.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your next investment, please contact us. We are here to support you at every stage - from concept to full implementation. Pawel Murawski and his team are always ready to help you.

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