Spring in Dussmann's kitchen

Culinary inspirations

published 03/15/2024

Culinary inspirations

The warmer months are approaching, and with them the season for fresh vegetables and fruits, which are the essence of health and energy. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your menu and include more light but nutritious meals in your diet. All kinds of flavors are awakening in our kitchens - from sweet tomatoes, through crunchy cucumbers, to juicy peppers. You will find all this in our original salad compositions. 

We really can't wait to serve you our fresh and passionate creations. We believe that salads are not only an addition, but also the star of every lunch or light dinner. Your plates will include mixtures full of vitamins and microelements that are not only tasty, but also strengthen the body after winter. 

Well, let it be green in spring😊

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