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More herbs, less salt

published 09/26/2023

More herbs, less salt

At Dussmann Polska, we care about the health of your employees.
One of our mottos in the nutrition department is "More herbs, less salt".

Any excess is harmful, and excess salt is especially harmful, especially since the allowed consumption limit of this spice is really very low - only one teaspoon a day! This seems like quite a lot, because who among us adds a teaspoon of salt to the dish? However, just take a look at the ingredients
ready-made food products that we eat every day to find out that it is difficult not to exceed this limit. Salt is added to cold meats, bread, cottage cheese, cornflakes, and sometimes even butter, to name just the most commonly consumed breakfast ingredients. Can it be replaced? We have good news - yes! The taste of dishes is perfectly enriched by herbs such as tarragon or lovage. They are so intense that they successfully replace salt, and additional support may include dried garlic, onion, cumin, chili, rosemary, oregano, or ginger. And if you must add salt, use only good rock salt, rich in minerals: Himalayan, Kłodawa or sea salt.

Remember! More herbs, less salt, because its excess leads to many dangerous diseases.