World Earth Day

Culinary philosophy in Dussmann

published 04/04/2024

Culinary philosophy in Dussmann

They say we are what we eat, right? 

But do we often think about how what we eat affects our beloved Mother Earth? This is important, especially since we all celebrate World Earth Day on April 22! 

At Dussmann, we make every effort to ensure that every day is an expression of our concern for the natural environment, and the spring menu is the best example of this. 

These are the basic principles of our culinary philosophy:

We use products whose cultivation supports sustainable agriculture.

Our tables feature plant-based delicacies that are a perfect substitute for meat dishes. We know how important it is to replace animal protein with plant protein from legumes, seeds and nuts.

We promote dishes based on seasonal vegetables and fruits, prepared according to the latest nutritional trends. 

While taking care of the environment, let's also remember about our health!