Revolution in Recycling!

Ecopaper Initiative

published 04/22/2024

Ecopaper Initiative

Welcome to our LinkedIn world,

First word: thanks! 🙏 Thanks to DHL Supply Chain and thanks to Sabina Bańkowska, Artur Kamiński and Merida Sp. z o. o., who inspired us to take important steps in the field of recycling.

🔄 The Ecopaper project is our joint, innovative initiative that aims to promote recycling and sustainable use of paper in the hygiene sector. Thanks to this solution, we not only reduce the amount of costly municipal waste, but also take care of our valuable natural resources.

🌱 As part of the Ecopaper project, we offer a comprehensive paper waste management service, which includes the collection, processing and reuse of used paper towels. Thanks to this, your company can generate savings and become part of the global change for a better future - at no additional costs!

💡 We believe that cooperation with you on this project is a step towards a sustainable strategy that will benefit not only the environment, but also the image of your company as a responsible entrepreneur.

📅 We set the date as the official start of the Ecopaper program in Poland - April 22, 2024, on world Earth Day - it's a perfect time to start our activities!

We look forward to working together for a better future for all of us.